April 9th, 2005


Another old favorite

We went out to the holler and cooked supper over an open fire. When it came time to go, I was dousing the fire, slowly and deliberately. While doing so, I broke into song spontaneously (this happens a lot with me).
My brother Bill is a fireman bold,
'cause he puts out fires.
He went to a fire last night, I'm told,
'cause he puts out fires.

The fire lit a stick of dynamite
which blew poor Bill right outa sight,
but where he's going, it'll be all right,
'cause he puts out fires.

collinsmom was amazed. After all these years, I still have routines she hasn't heard.

Pardon me, I didn't mean to step on you

Here's a thought-provoking quiz.


If everyone lived the way I do, it would take 9.3 earths to shoehorn us all in. To be fair, though, much of my lifestyle is dictated by my job, which puts me in the house I live in and has me running around burning up gas like crazy. I'd actually be happy with less house and less running around, but it's hard to phone in the pastor gig from a remote location.