April 4th, 2005


There will be peace in the valley -- er -- holler.

The days are getting longer. The sun shone warm and strong today. The woods were beautiful. I went out to Wilderstead and puttered about, doing small chores. Sawed a limb off a tree that needed it done. Measured the span of the creek for a future footbridge (got a guy willing to give me some telephone poles, if he's got 'em long enough). Did some work on Fuji's cairn. Took lots of pictures. Stapled up the NO TRESPASSING or PRIVATE PROPERTY signs that weather blew down. Laid a foundation of creek rock and where paths cross put up a pillar stone with the cardinal points of the compass on its four sides. I wish I could spend much, much more time out there.

I do need to think about a name for the creek, though (suggestions would be welcome). It turns out that gold has been panned out of Laughery Creek down at Hueseman Ford in times past. The gravel bars down there are right where my little spring-fed creek empties into Laughery, so it may be coming from up our way. Whaddya think? Something with gold- in it, maybe? Something Old English? or historically churchy (our private road is called Chantry Lane)? Goldwine Creek? Goldburn? Goldbeck? Chrysophylax Creek? Quelle? Hmm, hmmm -- and, hmmmm.