March 30th, 2005


Electronic housekeeping

My old computer is getting crankier and crankier to operate. The Internet Explorer doesn't seem to want to close completely, which interferes with opening the word processing programs, etc. Everything takes 2 or 3 re-boots to get whatever to work.

So, I finally found the Corel WP 8 disc that accompanied said old 'puter, and I've installed it on my spare computer. Files transfer nicely. Now all I need to do is strip everything I want to save off the old box and put in on the new, transfer my e-mail program to the Mozilla browser on the new box, yada yada. Then I'll ream-and-clean the old box, reformatting it with whatever OS I can find around here (oughta have Windows 98 FE somewhere, if nothing else).

Of course, I'll probably need siege to help with reconfiguring the network that keeps our three primary computers talking to each other around here. And I need to replace the monitor that zonked on the old box; it's using the monitor off our OLD computer -- the one we keep for using DOS files.

Even Homer nods . . .

Last summer, I was writing a friend about digging some post holes. I said I was looking to rent a "gas-powered augur." I had to write him back and correct myself. I was looking, of course, for an auger; a "gas-powered augur" would be an oracle who had eaten too many beans.

Country wisdom

Never eat at a place called Mom's.
Never play cards with a man called Doc.
Never go to bed with with a woman
whose troubles are greater than your own.

Lots of thunder, no rain

I've been puttering (or is it 'putering?) about on the Internet for several years now, and I've been doing LJ for several months. But, I dunno. Doesn't it seem to you-all that there's a lot of, well, cranks out there? And not just people who are passionate and well-informed, like Matt Groening's "The Genius From Another Dimension" (one of the 9 types of college teachers, see below), though there are plenty of them out there; rather, we're talking about "The Single-Theory-to-Explain-Everything Maniac" (another of the 9 types of college teachers).
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