March 23rd, 2005


Here Comes the Sun (I hope)

With the help of some industrial-strength nasal spray, I got a full night's sleep last night. I'm barely 50% today, but at least I'm rested. I think I can get a few things done. With enough prayer, I should be completely able to function normally for Maundy Thursday; I'll try to put off my home communions until Friday. My goal is to be healthy enough by Saturday to go hiking with the Venturers.

Man, I've never been so in need of sunshine and warmth. This has been the unhealthiest winter for me I can remember. One thing after another, ever since Hallowe'en. I keep hearing Here Comes the Sun in my head. One of my favorites Beatles' tunes, and so very appropriate.

Tour Permit

I got my National Tour Permit for our trip to Great Britain back from the Central Region Office, BSA. That's record time, so I figured I'd screwed up somewhere, and they wanted just one more whatever. Nope. Everything's approved.

Although they did include an application for an International Letter of Introduction, and that was supposed to be included in the tour permit stuff I submitted last week. So I've got to chase that down with our Council Exec. I mean, I saw him sign it. It should be a done deal. Oh, well; details, details.