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The Daily Mustard
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Saturday, March 19th, 2005

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Eucharistic hymn
I've just been through a long, draining discussion with a Roman Catholic on LJ over many issues, eucharistic theology among them. It's been interesting, but after a while, it becomes hard to concentrate. We have to keep returning to the actual encounter with Christ to keep our theologizing from becoming mere playing with counters. Or, as we Methodists might say, Worship trumps Theology.

That being the case -- and this being Holy Week coming up, when I'll be taking communion to shut-ins, and when we celebrate Maundy Thursday, and when we do communion w/confirmations and/or baptisms on Easter morning -- let me offer this hymn I wrote a while back. It's to the Northern Ireland folksong tune, "Wild Mountain Thyme."

Will You Come?

O, the empty heart is promised
in the Land of Milk and Honey
to be filled with God's peace
and the righteousness of Jesus.
Will you come, Seeker, come?
And we'll all come together
where the angels are singing
by the open doors of heaven.
Will you come, Seeker, come?

Then our sinfulness and fears
make us doubt that loving welcome
that we hear when we gather
'round the Table set by Jesus.
Will you stay, Wand'rer, stay?
And we'll all stay together
where the angels are singing
by the open doors of heaven.
Will you stay, Wand'rer, stay?

In the darkness where folk stumble
there are souls who cry for morning,
and have no one to tell them
of the victory of Jesus.
Will you go, Christian, go?
And we'll all go together
where the angels are singing
by the open doors of heaven.
Will you go, Christian, go?

Copyright 2002 Arthur W. Collins,
from "My Lord Knows the Way Through the Wilderness"
Who, me?
I was in the home supplies store, buying a 2x10 & some spikes to make a plank bridge, when these two ladies came up to me and asked where something was. I explained that I was a customer, and they seemed disappointed. (Note: all the employees in this place wear red vests. I wasn't wearing one.)

This happens to me all the time. I'll be standing around in a store, and strangers will come up to me and ask for help. I'll be walking down the street, and someone will ask for directions. I'll be part of a group doing a tour or something, and they'll go right past the actual group leader to ask ME what we want to see.

I guess it's a leadership gift of some kind; either that, or just natural arrogance. But it's weird. For an introvert, I don't fade into the background very well.

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