March 18th, 2005


Happy St. Cuthbert's Day

Sunday is St. Cuthbert's Day, but it's also Palm Sunday, so those of you who observe saints' days will have to move it up or back or something.

I've decided when I get my little woodland chapel area built out at Wilderstead, I'm going to call it St.-Cuthbert-in-the-Vale. Cuthbert was a great man, but a simple one. He built himself a hermitage on Farne Island (Lindesfarne), but was coaxed out of retirement to be a bishop. Did that well, then retired to his island again. Wilderstead is my hermitage, so I thought Cuthbert would be an appropriate patron. The other choice would have been St. Hubert, but he was French and I was looking for someone Old English.

We Protestants don't make much of the saints, which is a shame. We tend to canonize Good Causes rather than Good People (Human Relations Day, Week of Prayer for Xtn Unity, One Great Hour of Sharing, UM Student Day . . .). We also load all these commemorations onto Sunday observances. Churches who observe the calendar of saints lift up people who are exemplars of many virtues and many ways of facing situations. And when their special days land on a Sunday, they get moved off to the next convenient date so that Sunday can be reserved for commemorating Christ.

I created a calendar of saints for United Methodists over twenty years ago. Never went anywhere with it. Still think it would be worthwhile to emphasize the saints more.

A thoroughly delightful day

Ah, got up at my own pace today, piddled on the 'puter a while, then rounded up some stuff and headed for the woods with Sassafras. She was a very good dog, and we had fun.

I built a simple plank bridge over a streamlet that flows from one of the springs to the creek. Then I humped up the hillside with iron fenceposts and a post driver (oy, were they heavy!). We're not fencing the property line as it goes up the side of the hill, but the wooden stakes that defined it needed to be replaced with more permanent posts. I looked in on Fuji's grave and said a prayer.

Sassy was tuckered out and very wet from the creek, so we went home. I got cleaned up and finished folding/hanging the laundry. When collinsmom got home, we got ourselves ready and went back out to Wilderstead to wander about and dream. Ended up at the cabin for a romantic interlude (cover the chillun's eyes, Martha!). Ah, tender words, tender moments. We are greatly blessed. Left at dusk.

Now, I'm just chillin' out for the rest of the evening.