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The Daily Mustard
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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005

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Isn't it time for some of these goobers to retire?
I really don't get the latest Supreme Court decision. How can they be so sure that one's 18th birthday is THE magic line demarcating adult decision-making from childhood inability to foresee consequences?

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And now for something really different . . .
Garbage spills forth from my sleeve
the red dog barks!
my ear cowers

does he sniff my arm, whereon
the putrid baked potato skin lies in wait?
yesterday's chowder malevolently anticipates
tonight's french dressing

cry out!
against the rape of the radishes
worse than death, my cucumber virgin
the dog's tail grins as he mops the floor
with salacious caninity

my nose is blue
I cannot swallow the rancid Gainesburgers

drowning in a sea of enzymes

(Written in 1974 in a world that is now forgot; recently re-discovered along with even worse poems by the man sometimes known as Your Humble Correspondent.)

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