March 1st, 2005


Basic Errors in Churchmanship

I talk church with a lot of people. Part of this is professional shop talk, part of it is counseling the flock, part of it is just chit-chat with other Xtns. But I notice, particularly among the highly involved (both lay and clergy), several basic errors in churchmanship. People think that something of secondary value is the most important thing about the Church.

Basic Error No. 1 Church = Program
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Basic Error No. 2 Church = Performance
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Basic Error No. 3 Church = Commodity
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Basic Error No. 4 Church = Place
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Basic Error No. 5 Church = Experience
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Basic Error No. 6 Church = Cause
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Hmmm . . .

Tonight at Cub Scouts, while we were in the middle of building bat boxes, 10-year-old Casey asked me, quite seriously, "What do people mean when they say, Boys will be boys?

In a mere second or so, I thought over ALL the possible answers I could give to that question. Then I said,
They mean that guys make the same mistakes every generation.

That ought to hold him for now. But something tells me we may be revisiting this topic again someday on the trail.


Well, I've just spent a tedious hour or so working up a Treasurer's Report for the Board of Directors of NAUMS (National Association of United Methodist Scouters). It's not that we handle a great deal of money, it's just that it has to be chased into and out of all kinds of strange, subdivided accounts. (I'm no stranger to this; as one who constantly handles youth trip money, church donations that get handed to me, vouchered mileage, and Cub Pack/Venture Crew money, I tell people I am a Master of Low Finance.)

I took this job somewhat against my better judgment. But as the cowboy said when asked why he took off all his clothes and jumped into the cactus patch, "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

The Board meets this Saturday and Sunday in Nashville, Tennessee. that_guy_zach will be minding the store on Sunday morning in my absence.