February 27th, 2005


God is faithful

Friday night, I overdid myself and felt a chill coming on. I was worried that I was getting sick, but it passed by morning (more or less). I felt OK to go hike 6 miles. Afterwards, I came home and was generally crappy with fever and chills.

I punted on writing my sermon, figuring that if I felt up to preaching on Sunday morning, I'd just wing it. But at 3:00 this morning, I woke up feeling reasonably good, so came downstairs and just finished up this morning's sermon. Now I think I'll go back to bed.

Just wanted to say that God is faithful. He enabled me to keep my promises and make sure the hike went OK. He has enabled me to get the sermon done w/o having to wing it. Now, if I can just get through the morning, I think I'll punt on other activities today and just go to bed.

Ah, "he giveth me strength as my day."

Happy Birthday to you

Tomorrow, March 1, is collinsmom's birthday. Herewith an invitation to append to this announcement your best wishes to her.

collinsmom by the numbers

Age: 51
Years married: 31 (it only seems like forever)
Homes we have lived in since marriage: 12
Years at our current address: 7
Number of siblings: 6
Backpacking treks helped lead: 4
Degrees earned: 3? (a BS and two AS, at least)
Children: 2
Current pets: 1 (Sassafras T. Collins -- the "T" stands for Trouble)

The Russian Happy Birthday Song
Happy Birthday, O Happy Birthday!
Pain and sorrow and despair,
People dying everywhere.
Happy Birthday, O Happy Birthday!
One step closer to the grave,
Think of all the food you'll save.
Happy Birthday, O Happy Birthday!

I love you.

In sickness and in health

D. asked me, "I've got these little red spots all over my legs. What do you suppose they could be?"

I answered, "Flea bites? Would that mean you have flea-bitis?"

(Actually, they're probably a reaction to her Humira injection. But when it comes to puns, I'm just a slave to temptation.)