February 17th, 2005


Today's vocabulary lesson

We've all met sporks. A spork is a combination of spoon and fork. Did you ever wonder how they came up with the name? Well, just remember, the alternative would have been to call it a foon.

Good news for java-hounds

I read in the paper yesterday that coffee drinkers (1 cup a day or more) have a 50% lower rate of liver cancer than non-coffee drinkers. And those who drink 4 or 5 cups a day can achieve up to a 75% lower rate of liver cancer than non-guzzlers.

Hallelujah! I knew I was doing something right!

Takin' care of bizness

Well, we got the church office mostly put back together today. that_guy_zach got all our various bits of electronic jiggery-pokery put back together, so now we can do the monthly newsletter, the weekly worship bulletin, etc. -- all of which are now behind-time because we were painting and carpeting. But at least we're functional again.

My computer had been cranky, so I ad-awared and spybotted it today. Got rid of a bunch of stuff. I don't know which is worse -- people sending me all kinds of stuff they want me to look at, or me wanting to look at it. Anymore, if there're more than two fwds on it, I usually just delete it, no matter how careful I believe the source to be (and there are people I never open anything from).

Was checking out travel fares, and was almost ready to click "purchase" on Orbitz when I realized that it would probably hit the ceiling on my credit card limit. So I called the company and had them raise my credit limit so I can do the occasional big trip pass-through on my card. (It's about 8 thou smackers to buy the airline tickets this week.)

Interstellar Scout Mottoes

Everybody knows the Scout Motto: "Be Prepared." But that's only on Earth; surely, other planets have similar youth organizations with similar goals? Herewith are presented (compliments of the United Federation of Planet's database) the Mottoes of other Scouting organizations around the galaxy.

Vulcan Space Scouts; Motto, Be Profound.

Klingon Young Hunters; Motto, Be Proficient.

Ferrengi Junior Achievers; Motto, Be Profitable.

Betazoid Psi-Scouts; Motto, Be Pampered.

Bajoran Acolytes; Motto, Be Prayerful.

Romulan Star Scouts; Motto, Be Proud.

Cardassian Flame Order; Motto, Be Private.

Starfleet Academy Junior Cadets; Motto, Be Professional.