February 16th, 2005


You can't make this up

So there I was, standing with that_guy_zach at the Bible academy in Kigoma, Tanzania, talking, as Guys will, about bodily functions.

So which do you think is preferable, I said: explosive diarrhea or projectile vomiting?

Suddenly, the voice of Ken G. came from behind us: Speaking as a small plane pilot, I've always preferred explosive diarrhea; that way, you can still see to land the plane.

Well, that settles THAT issue.

Busy, busy

Well, it's been a busy time here at the old fruitstand.

Sunday, that_guy_zach preached a great sermon, and we had good attendance in worship.

That afternoon, our Venturers met for our Three Peaks orientation meeting. A Briton who works in our Conference office was our special guest. The Venturers elected their trip leadership and planned itinerary details, esp. what they plan on doing in London.

Monday morning (yesterday), I got up bright and early and hosted a workshop for District clergy at my church. I presented a seminar called, Making Disciples through Christian Education. Afterward, we served Dublin Coddle with Soda Bread, and Irish Bread-and-Butter Pudding for dessert. (I cooked all this the night before, and we warmed it up. It was yumsome.)

Today, that_guy_zach and I cut up lumber for the Cub Scouts' bat-box project. Then we went to get Betthanee and take her to the PO to hand in her Passport application. After taking Sassafras for a walk, I grabbed a snack and headed for Columbus to attend a Council Executive Board meeting.

We painted the downstairs of the church. They're installing new carpet, too, which means our office furniture is scattered about the fellowship hall. I'm hoping to get the heavy stuff moved back in tomorrow. Then we'll get the computer and printers hooked up by Thursday, which will allow us to do worship bulletin, newsletter, etc. and so forth, yada yada, yackety schmackety, world without end amen.

I'm entering this post on Notepad, because the fershlugginer LJ has had my site on "read-only" for several days. Stone 'em, I say. Hangin's too good fer 'em. Oh, well, I keep telling myself that now I can learn to backdate a post, and won't that be important to know? @#$%^&*

Method in their madness

The Navy has commissioned a new attack submarine, the USS Jimmy Carter.

Yeah, I know -- an attack submarine? But then, since the War on Terror began, there's been this huge upsurge in amphibious killer rabbits around the Straits of Hormuz.

Urgent request

I've been trying to find the lyrics to "Center of My Life" by Dion, which was recorded on his '97 album, "Best of the Gospel Years."

Apparently, the song has never been published. So now I'm looking for a copy of the album/CD, so I can refresh my memory of the lyrics. Chords I can figure out on my own.

A guy named Doug Spencer covered this song on his album, "Blues Angel."


Roll d20 vs. Nostalgia

I was in Cincy today, trying to find some music (see previous post) at Mannerino's -- no luck. But, right next door was this little gaming store that hadn't used to be there. I went in.

Miniatures, paints, RPGs, giant stuffed dice, the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch -- what a hoot. The store had several tables set up in it and several guys were playing Magic. The store owner was younger than me, but still a certified grown-up. We chatted about the gaming industry, and who's been gobbled up by whom as far back as SPI (eaten by TSR, eaten by WoTC, eaten by Hasbro).

To quote James T. Kirk, "I feel -- young."

I've long since fallen off the gaming wagon, but I may have to go back, just to see if there's anything more than nostalgia there for me.

Unfinished thoughts

We finished the general letters in our Bible Study tonight: We did James; I & II Peter; I, II, & III John; Jude. These writers all have a lot to say about false teachers, and about staying together, and (especially John and Jude) about love. On this lonely night of laundry and Live Journal, it makes me remember my days of longing for something to believe and somewhere to belong.

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