February 13th, 2005


The snows of yesteryear

I'm trying to work out this whole idea of ecclesiology. Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic theologians (not to mention Anglicans and Old Catholics) talk of the Apostolic Succession. We Protestants have dismissed that; however, I'm not in favor of everybody just making it up as one goes along. I think that God blesses obedience, and I think that schism is a sin. I also feel strongly that the undivided Church of the First Millennium had something which we have lost, and which I would like to go back to. But when the Churches who talk about Apostolic Succession do so, it leaves me cold.

Let me try to work it out this way. Let's say that we have a great desire to recapture the living experience of Anglo-Saxon England -- say, under Alfred the Great or Edgar the Peaceable. That ancient land and society has given us much, and we have much to learn from them. But how would we go about recovering what the past has buried?

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