February 8th, 2005


Sisyphus Rocks!

A few days ago, I did rough notes for Lenten sermons and worship stuff. Now I can't find them to finish my worship planning. Looks like I'm going to have to do it all over again. Aaaargh.

I don't suppose this is God telling me to have a whole series of hymn-sings, do you?

The Spiritual Value of Wilderness

Those who haven't got the outdoor bug look askance at those of us who would prefer to sleep in a tent when we travel than in an equally uncomfortable (and far more expensive) motel. Within the Church, there are plenty of people who are bewildered at my eagerness to take people out into the Deep Woods and explore the High Country, and who shudder at the invitation I extend to them. They can't see what all this has to do with ministry.

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Passing the 7th level of weirdness and rising

Oy, gevalt! This week looked so open and flexible on my calendar. Now it's shot to pieces.

We're painting the fellowship hall tomorrow morning to get it out of the way before a funeral dinner Thursday afternoon. Our pianist is having a pacemaker implanted tomorrow afternoon. Then, there's the visitation for the guy who died this morning, followed by Bible Study and the Ash Wednesday service. that_guy_zach has been promoted to celebrant for the liturgy so I can play the organ, our accompanist being suddenly unavailable (see above). Then on Thursday morning, there's the funeral, followed by lunch at the church. After that, I have to pick up Betthanee at ECHS and take her to the L'burg PO to apply for her passport.

And while I worked on Lenten sermons today, the rest of worship planning is still begging for attention. Thank goodness that_guy_zach is preaching on Sunday!