aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Cub Camping

I want to take our Webelos and parents camping out at the holler next month. To do this, I have to complete Baloo training (Cub outdoor stuff). The DE will let me do this by personal coaching instead of waiting for the next training session. After all, I've done Venturing, Boy Scouting, and National Camp School (Mgt session). At least you don't have to nitpick as badly to take Cubs camping as you do to take Girl Scouts somewhere (you'd go blind from the paperwork alone). I'll also have to have Wilderstead certified as a safe and adequate place to go camping (grump grump grump).

I think we'll just take the Weebs, though. After all, an overnight is a Weeb requirement, and I don't think our Wolves are mature enough yet. The Wolves (2nd-graders) still need to be constantly amused, and will be a pain unless someone is constantly gratifying their every whim and making them comfortable. The ten-year-olds can stand a little boredom and privation -- not much, but more than eight-year-olds. Plus, it would break up the brother act between one Weeb and one Wolf, and that would be good for both of them.

Next year, I will NOT get roped into doing Cubs. I like Cubs, but they're not my forte, and I don't have the time and energy. As our Venturers depart for college and the military, I can foresee the end of the Crew. I've offered to lead the charge for a Boy Scout Troop here at the church for the graduating Weebs and others, but so far no one has sounded excited.

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