aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Off we go

Well, I swallowed real hard and put $5K from my Visa into the Venture Crew bank account to nail down the tickets for Africa. Now, I gotta start reeling in all of our accumulated assets and promissories to pay that off and put wheels under the rest of the trip.

As it stands now, a mere three of us will wander off to Tanzania this summer. The personal challenge is, this is awful damn expensive! But the personal rewards include: eight days putting around Kigoma and talking church politics with my missionary friend; collinsmom making her first ever overseas trip; eight days of her getting to hang about with missionary momma and me; swimming in Lake Tanganyika; hiking somewhere near Morogoro; me missing Annual Conference with a legitimate excuse for the second year in a row (woohoo!).

Last time, everything lined up perfectly (and reasonably inexpensively) to waft us to the Back of Beyond and back with the greatest efficiency. This time around, we got layovers. We land in London, outbound, and have to kill an afternoon. But we land in London, homeward bound, and have to kill an evening and a whole night.

It has been suggested on the way back, that rather than finding a place to sleep (and pay for), we just take the tube down to the Thames, eat a great pub meal, and mess about until two a.m. or so. The plane takes off around 8 in the morning, and the flight home is the loooongest day of your existence, so we could just sleep instead of suffer.

Our last trip was called The Trip of the Millennium. I think we should call this one, The Backside of Glory. Kinda catchy, huh?

collinsmom has just been accepted to pursue another degree, so beginning next fall, we will be a one-income family again. So this is our last hurrah for a while, as far as major trips go. The dates are June 7-21. Pray for us, please.

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