aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Alas, poor Yorick

I could just about qualify now for a job as a grave-digger -- though why I'd ever want to I can't imagine. After a third day spent excavating by hand, I am almost done. One more day ought to do it, and then I can call for gravel. After I have the site filled and leveled, I can go about erecting the shed on it that I want.

that_guy_zach and siege and I went over to Covington and had supper at Jack Quinn's. I had fish and chips (outstanding!) and we all consumed a fair quantity of Fuller's Porter. that_guy_zach has been talking it up for a month or more, but even he was surprised at how good it was on tap.

I've also got tickets lined up for Dar es Salaam this June for three of us: myself; collinsmom and Nikki S. It's way more expensive and complicated than I wanted, but we are going to Kigoma, and that's that. I'm paying off a promise and visiting old friends in Africa at the same time. Looking forward to sitting on the veranda overlooking Lake Tanganyika, eating fish and chips fried in palm oil, tromping around Mororogo (I hope), as well as the possibility of a couple of pub meals in London going/coming.

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