aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Dig we must

I spent most of the day at Wilderstead, digging out the slope where the new shed is going to go. Still at least another day's work to go. Gad, this is hard work! I'd have cranked out another hour or two on it (my stamina was fine), but my grip was going and my arms were rubbery. Once the area is dug out, then I'll get some gravel delivered and smooth it all out for the shed.

I took a break after lunch to go chuck rocks into the right channel of the creek. Also opened up a couple of other channels. I haven't dammed the right hand channel, but at least as much water is flowing in the center of the creek now as under the right bank, and this could be important in erosion control.

One man against the woods and waters, that's me. I'm bushed.

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