aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Scouring its way

An inexhaustible supply of creek rock An inexhaustible supply of creek rock

Pishon Creek calving stone
Undercut bank Undercut bank

Where the trail used to cross

We spent most of the day out at Wilderstead, doing chores and watching the creek. The first picture explains why creeks never run out of rock. Notice the ledge with the broken off plates of rock. That ledge once extended, unbroken, all the way across the creek. Water action continues to break off sections and push them down the creek. Over time, the rapids move back up the channel.

The second picture shows where the trail used to cross the creek. Right where the log has been jammed up against the bank, said bank used to extend out into the water, providing easy access to the stepping stones. But just this week or so, the runoff from all the rain or the meltwater from the freak snowstorm pushed enough water down the creek to take away the bank.

In this mild bend, the creek is scouring its right bank and building up its left bank, as creeks are wont to do. Even though our little Pishon has been draining the valley between Akes Hill and Woods Ridge for centuries, it is never the same. In only a couple of years, the creek has changed dramatically -- without changing its essential character.

I may need to dig out the left-bank channel and/or move big rock up against the eroding bank in order to hold the land there. (Lots of work!)

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