aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Making progress

collinsmom and I went out to Wilderstead for lunch, then dropped by Lowe's on the way home. We bought a small generator, which will make certain jobs easier out in the holler by enabling us to use power tools instead of just hand tools. And we bought all the wire, boxes, and electrical doodads to wire our small cabin. ($730 on the old credit card, all told.)

Not looking to bring power to the holler just yet, but we are going to insulate and panel the place this year, and that means all the wires have to be run and all the boxes in place -- or we'll just wind up tearing the paneling off the walls to retro-fit the wiring later.

Meanwhile, the temperature is dropping and the rain is fat and sluggish -- probably going to turn to snow. Think I'll stay in this evening. But we'll be out yonder again tomorrow, fiddling about. that_guy_zach has the conn tomorrow, as the Captain has shore leave this weekend. (Yay! for ale and wild women -- er, well, just one wild woman in particular; actually, she's pretty tame these days, but -- oh, you know what I mean!)

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