aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Been there, done that

Our Crew member, Nikki S., has been accepted to fill a slot reserved for a female Venturer in a crew bound for Philmont this July. She'll be hiking over some territory familiar to many of us.

Itinerary 24 -- This strenuous itinerary begins in the historic logging area of the north country with program at Rich Cabins and a peaceful night at beautiful Greenwood Canyon. From there, your crew is off to Copper Park, French Henry and Baldy Mountain, the fascinating gold mining district where you can enjoy the mining and blacksmithing program. You will then spend two days exploring Dean Canyon, highlighted by challenge events at Head of Dean, rock climbing and environmental awareness at Dean Cow. You may also try your hand at burro racing, shotgun shooting and enjoying western lore, including boot branding, before heading back to Camping Headquarters along the Tooth of Time Ridge.

N.B. The userpic, above, is of the Thundermug latrine at French Henry.

I'm sorry that I can't go, but it means that one more Venturer from Crew 699 will join the Philmont Veterans! (Nikki is also going to Africa with me in June -- a busy summer between high school and college, indeed!)

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