aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

"Rejoice! We conquer!"

Well, I have finished my marathon run through menu design, grocery shopping, and cooking for the Men's Walk to Emmaus. It was fun. I love to cook for people.

I had a great crew to work in the kitchen. We astounded and delighted the most of the men (a few sullen types didn't dig icky stuff, like, you know -- vegetables). I taught one guy to eat tapioca and asparagus (and like them)! We cooked Irish for St. Patrick's Day, and had a porkgasm (humongous pork chops cooked Eintopf style with kraut) on Saturday. Just before breakfast on Saturday morning, one of the guys said, "You know, we've got three meals going at once." And he was right. We had the rolls for breakfast in the oven, the chili for lunch on the stove, and were doing prep work (deviling eggs) for supper. We cooked 50 pounds of potatoes, 11 dozen eggs, and 4 boneless hams for breakfast this morning.

(that_guy_zach and I also belayed for seven youth who went climbing this afternoon over at RockQuest.)

I'm pooped. But it was great.

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