aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

No time for updates this weekend

I am cooking for the Men's Walk to Emmaus beginning tomorrow afternoon, so any chance I have to check e-mail or update LJ will be a freak. As for tomorrow, I have to get up early and go do a program of Irish history, stories, and songs for a friend's 5th grade reading classes. Immediately thereafter, I have to pick up the meat and cheese and other remaining groceries. Then that_guy_zach and I pack it all up in our truck and his car (cramming both to the gunwales), and off I go to Oldenburg.

It's gonna be tight, and I'm already pooped. 75 men for 9 meals is a massive amount of chow. Last night I went to Bigg's in Harrison very late and got a truckload of provender. that_guy_zach and I shopped for produce and stuff at Jungle Jim's this afternoon. (We also went over to RockQuest and refreshed ourselves on belaying tackle for the UMYF's trip there this Sunday.)

Anyway, it'll probably be Sunday night or Monday morning before I can next update. Pray for me in the meantime.

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