aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Running just as fast as I can

Went to Indy early this morning (90 minutes away) to snag a topo map at the DNR so I can construct an orienteering course at Camp Louis Ernst before the end of the month.

Then went to lunch with caoimninolorica, wherein we exchanged Conference gossip, family hassles, and other important stuff.

Drove on down to outskirts of Cincy to order humongous pork chops (90+) for Walk to Emmaus banquet this weekend. I got asked at the last minute to head up the kitchen for the weekend, so I'm scrambling to pull it all together. Starts Thursday.

Came home, walked the dog, went to Auto Zone for some stuff, gruntled the cat, and checked e-mail. As soon as collinsmom and siege got home, I ran out the door in Jade (pickup truck) to get that_guy_zach, who had promised to help me put the cap back on it. Out we went to Wilderstead, re-installed the cap, and then went over to Covington, where I bought him a dinner of fish and chips and the Cock and Bull.

And that's just Monday.

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