aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Busy, busy

Very tired. Took siege up to Columbus today to get the rest of his stuff. He is now completely down here. Hoping that he'll find an apartment soon. Then all his stuff'll have to be moved out again.

Still have sermon to finish up tonight. Oy.

Got a crisis call from the Lay Director of the Emmaus Community. Ten days to go before a full Men's Walk, and they didn't have a Head Kitchen guy. No menu, either. collinsmom said she thought it'd be good for me to cook for them, so I'm doing that next weekend.

Which sort of crams this week down to nothin', you know? In addition to the normal whatnot, I've got to run an errand to Indy, get myself checked out again in belaying technique for the Youth Fellowship's visit to Rock Quest a week from tomorrow, etc.

St. Cuthbert's Day is March 20, and we'll be having a partay (cards and beer, at a minimum) out at Wilderstead. By then, I'll be needing a day off!

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