aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

More memories

A little picture of the love of my youth. That's me, sometime between end of 8th grade and end of 9th grade, holding my cat, Maynard. She was the longest-lasting of my childhood cats. Got her about sixth grade, and she moved with us to Linton when I graduated from high school. A year and a half later, she disappeared (as cats are wont to do), though she just did have a chance to meet collinsmom. So we had her about eight years in all.

Maynard was a very sociable cat. We lived a dozen or so blocks from school, and every school day, she would walk the children from our house to the end of the block, one little group after another. When school let out, she would reverse the process, escorting each group from the far street corner to our own, over and over.

My very first Merit Badge in Scouts was Pets. Maynard was my subject, and Dr. L.O. Fish, our vet (appropriate name) was my counselor. BTW, Maynard got her name from the character Maynard G. Krebs, the work-averse beatnik played by Bob Denver on the Dobie Gillis show. One of the black patches on her calico coat was right on her chin, like the goatee worn by the TV character. (At that early kitten stage, we didn't know she was a girl kitty.)

Maynard Maynard


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