aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Puttin' along

Business is improving at the ol' fruit stand (the church). I'm hoping that we'll start looking like we mean business by Easter. If I had any real energy, I'd be pretty upbeat, I suppose.

Anyway, I'm hopeful for another year here. Hard work ahead, but just 'cause the vines aren't dripping heavy doesn't mean there isn't a harvest to be gained.

Looking down the road, though, I think I need to be considering some time off. REAL time off. Like a sabbatical or something. I'd be planning retirement if I could afford it.

I was thinking about St. Francis (of Assisi) yesterday. It seems to me that his solution for dealing with corrupt or clueless Church leaders was to ignore them. Went out and did something different. In some ways, the Franciscans are the protoype of renewal movements. Of course, what he did could not replace the local parish church for most people, and there's the rub. We need good shepherds to watch over the flock. But there's also room for those who strike out and create new things.

collinsmom would like me to develop our holler as a campsite/retreat center after I retire: a place for people to draw apart, and come encounter God. I think that would be cool, too, though I'm not sanguine about creating an ABLOC position for that and having the bishop appoint me to it. I mean, I've considered that, but I'm unsure. Maybe better to retire to it, and let it grow slowly instead of pressuring it to be something that maybe it's not ready to be.

In the meantime, Lent starts Wednesday. I'd better get the palm leaves from last year burnt tomorrow. And the organ repairman comes to service the church's organ (and my own) tomorrow. And taxes gotta be filed (frazzit!). And so on.


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