aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Phishing Expedition

I recently received a clutch of fake e-mails, supposedly from eBay, prodding me for payment on an item I ordered. Thing is, I have never used eBay. This was a "spoof" or "phish" e-mail, designed to elicit personal information. I immediately alerted eBay, and they're tracking it down.

What makes this worthy of note on LJ is that the spoof e-mails were sent to my e-mail account at the Conference office, which is NOT what I use for personal e-mail. (I figured if it caused a problem, let 'em crash the Conference's system, not mine.)

The only time I have ever given that out as my e-mail address was on LJ, when I made an announcement about a Venturing activity. I gave my Conference e-mail as a "reply to" convenience. So the slimy little crooks must have scooped up that e-mail address from that LJ post to generate those e-mails.

Let this be a warning to everybody about releasing specific personal information on the internet, even "among friends" on LJ!

Cross-posted to various communities.

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