aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Been a piddly kind of day so far

It snowed in the night. I really need to go out into it for a walk. And to go to the store. And to push paper at the office. But I've spent the last three hours sort of piddling around in the dungeon.

I have three computers down here. One is my main box, which desperately needs to have Windows re-installed. I've got the disc, but I've been putting it off because there are some programs on that machine I'd like to save. That said, the necessary re-bootings and such to work with it are getting to be a pain.

Then there's my other, newer machine. I started out using it merely as a photo dump for all my digital pictures. Now I've got a couple of games on it, and it's nearly full. I'd use it as my main machine, but then I'd have to transfer my e-mail and bookmarks over to it, and I'm lazy and avoiding the learning curve.

Both these computers are hooked into a network with collinsmom's machine upstairs.

I also have an old computer with a more primitive form of Windows on it. We've kept it around because we can still run old DOS programs on it, some of which are worth saving -- like my Muziktime music writing program, which beats anything else I've ever seen for music publishing. I had tried to put a different monitor on this machine and it wouldn't work, so I finally got around to putting the old monitor back on it today. It works fine. Now, I can do some music projects I've been putting off.

On a completely different topic, note the new userpic. I made this today. It's a wayside cross I mounted out at Wilderstead. C'mon, Spring!

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