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An answer to the prayer we hadn't yet prayed

Today, I was riding out to the cemetery with the local funeral director following the funeral of a church member. This funeral director is also a member of my church, but married out of the church and hasn't attended here in years. I see him when I'm doing funerals, so our relationship is more professional-to-professional than pastor-to-parishioner.

Ron (the FD) is nearing retirement, and loves to talk about puttering about his pond. I'm looking ahead to my retirement, and I like to talk about my holler. We were talking about these very things in the hearse. I mentioned I had a small cabin on my property. Ron asked if we had a wood burning stove in the cabin. I replied, No, but we were planning on installing one this year.

Whereupon, Ron informs me that he has two stoves in his pole barn, and he'd be glad to give me one. One was a large pot-bellied stove (too big for my purposes, really); the other was a box stove he had ordered by mistake, and when the company demanded a 25% re-stocking fee to take it back, he just paid for it and kept it. It had sat, never used, in his pole barn for ten years.

collinsmom got home early this afternoon, so we took her truck over to Ron's pole barn and picked up the stove. It is exactly the model I had found on the internet two days ago and decided last night that I would order this weekend! And it was free. We were flabbergasted. Surely, we thought, God must have a hand in this.

Check out the new stove arriving at Wilderstead, below. Yeah, yeah, I know it doesn't look new -- but that's ten years of dust and grime from sitting in a barn on it. Wait'll we get 'er shined up and installed right!

house warming gift house warming gift

Moving in our new wood burning stove.


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