aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

An itch or two scratched

Had another delightful lunch meeting with caoimhinolorica. We discussed many things, including the origins of apples and candles. He suggested that apples originated in China, and we were checking OT references to apples to see how early they appear in the text. Herewith, a link RE: origin of apples --

We also wound up discussing candles, lamps, and other forms of pre-industrial lighting. Candles are never mentioned in the Bible, neither OT nor NT, at least according to a quick check on an electronic concordance. Once again, caoimninolorica proved a Master of Uncommon Lore and Esoterica (M.U.L.E.), by saying he thought the Egyptians invented candles. According to this link -- -- they developed the prototype, but it was the Romans who first put wicks into tallow candles.

In other business, we both talked over our current restlessness and I got from our conversation a greater share of peace about all the things I'm trying to wrestle with right now.

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