aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

2022 Winter Rendezvous kitchen preparations in full swing already

I finished making up the menus (for now; these are always subject to change). And, I've made up my Master Plan for the weekend, which shows how each area of the kitchen and dining hall is to be used -- in three-hour increments -- in order to avoid train wrecks in the production of all that food. This year, oven space (both conventional and convection) will be at a premium. We'll be putting in and taking out steadily. And, of course, the Prep Table will see a lot of chopping and mixing and general food factory-work.

So here is the order of battle.

Staff Supper for those who arrive to set everything up: Pizza

Friday night Cracker Barrel: International Snack Foods theme
Mexico: Chicharrones
Canada: Poutine
Scotland: Shortbread
Switzerland: Salami and Cheese
Tanzania: Mandazi
Japan: Yakitori
Australia: Fairy Bread

Staff Breakfast for the workers: Fruit, Toad in the Hole, Oatmeal

Staff Lunch for the core team plus volunteers out in the cold: Coddle, Soda Bread, Trifle

THE FEAST for all and sundry Saturday evening
Enchiladas Carnitas
Beans and Rice
Alligator Gumbo
Crunch Salad
Spicy Sweet Potato Fries
Bottomless Apple Pie
Bread and Butter Pudding

Saturday night Cracker Barrel will be leftovers, as per usual

Hospitality throughout the weekend will feature endless coffee and hot chocolate (hey, it's cold in January).

Expected attendance is around 540 (Staff, Leaders, Scouts, Cubs), though not all of those will stay for the Feast (a mere 400 or so may show up for that). Depends on the weather, but we've noticed with our last few Council events that we've been busting capacity. People are tired of being cooped up with the pandemic; they want to get out and GO. So unless we get ice storms or a tropical downpour, I expect the Rendezvous will be packed. And they'll all be hungry.

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