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Man of the Year

These pix feature that_guy_zach. Unlike many of the pix I have of him, these are basically flattering. They show his progression from geeky kid to Leader of Men (and Pursuer of Women, but the less said about that, the better). February is Boy Scout Month, so take a look at everybody's favorite Scout:

Man Overboard Man Overboard

Zach is thrown off the dock at Rock Harbor at conclusion of trek on Isle Royale N.P. The water temp was around 39 degrees.
Zach and Hanna at Udzungwa Mts. N.P., TZ Zach and Hanna at Udzungwa Mts. N.P., TZ

Zach was the Team Leader for our mission trip to Tanzania. He skipped his high school graduation to go.
Bullrider Bullrider

Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody, WY. Zach kept looking for a mechanical bull to ride.
Punishment Box, Ft. Larned, KS Punishment Box, Ft. Larned, KS

First trip to PSR in 1997. Zach was a mere 13 here. We had to tie his hip belt around him, since he had no hips.
Touchdown at the Frozen Tundra! Touchdown at the Frozen Tundra!

Zach and I genuflect at one of the NFL's sacred shrines.


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