aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Backpacker babes

Our Crew has had many girls, and they hold up their end. Here are a few pix not previously posted of the wimmings of Crew 699.

What's Cookin'? What's Cookin'?

Madison inspects the goodies whomped up at Versailles S.P., Indiana.
Looking for Mr. Do-Right Looking for Mr. Do-Right

"Hurry, Dudley!"
Just one of the girls Just one of the girls

Poor Zacharina is the ugliest girl in the crew, but everybody just loves her.
Deanne at Hensley Settlement Deanne at Hensley Settlement

A beautiful woman on a beautiful day in Cumberland Gap.
Wade in the Water Wade in the Water

Amber and Nikki wading into Lake Michigan at Cheboygan, WI.


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