aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

There's no business like snow business

And we've been getting the business, that's for sure.

It snowed most of yesterday afternoon and overnight. When the sun was finally abroad in the sky, I took a look at the first task of the day -- well, the first after my morning coffee, anyway. It was beautiful, and it was going to hurt.


Looking out my back door
Doot, doot, do


The beasts of burden are buried and blocked

The back yard could take care of itself, I decided. There was bird food enough in the feeders and no other reason to be traipsing around back there. I addressed myself to the walks and drives, therefore. Halfway through, I had to change hat and jacket for lighter ones because I was heating up too much inside my snowsuit. I persevered, however, and eventually got everything cleared. I also started up both vehicles so they'll be ready to go when summoned.


Ready for takeoff
Runway cleared, wings de-iced


Where the sidewalk ends
Where the shoveling ends, anyway

I'm about the only guy in the neighborhood still trying to keep his sidewalk clear. I don't say this to be arrogant, but as a point of civic pride. I want to be a good citizen, and so will keep this up as long as I can. It's something I was raised to do. That thought helps make shoveling snow a little more tolerable. (Look at me, I'm actually a responsible adult -- who'd'a thunk it?) Two other thoughts comfort me in this otherwise aggravating task: gratitude to God that I am still strong and healthy enough to get out there and do it; and concern for Deanne as I clear her car and her half of the driveway exit. (She has to go get her driver's license renewed this evening and needs to make a quick getaway come 5:00.)

So "blow, blow, thou winter wind." We're still open for business Downhill From Walmart.

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