aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Just loafing

kensaro posted this one:

Onion ring to rule them all,
Onion ring to find them.
Onion ring to bring them all,
and in the batter fry them.

Indiana, with its little rivers and twisty hills -- particularly around Whitehall, Owen County -- has always seemed so Shire-like to me. And, of course, Hoosiers have a passion for mushrooms as great as any hobbit's. 'Bout another month, and the morrels will be popping up. Wish I could find some out at Wilderstead.

Philmont introduced our Venturers (then Explorers) to Pemmican Bars. At which several of us immediately cried out: "Cram!"

BTW, Tolkien's lembas -- a natural type of the eucharist -- was baked from flour milled from grain grown under the special tutelage of the chief Elf-woman in the community. The Lady Galadriel supervised the whole process of planting, harvesting, milling, and baking of this special bread. And in addition to adding a eucharistic image to his work, Tolkien here manages to justify yet another Anglo-Saxon etymology, for "lord" and "lady" come ultimately from OE hlaford, hlaefdige, meaning "loaf-giver."

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