aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it

I had an errand that took me to Bedford today, so I had lunch at the Denny's there. As I was waiting to be seated -- and afterward, waiting to pay my bill -- the TV was showing the White House briefing on climate change. There was John Kerry, looking not one day older nor one day wiser than the last time he oozed across our TV screens; and of course, there was President Stercus-for-Brains himself, uttering preposterous promises he has no intention (or ability) to keep. It was all too deja vu. Let me just offer a few observations.

1) Even assuming that climate change is a big deal, nothing the Administration is proposing is going to actually do anything to make it better. The West has already reduced carbon emissions by a huge amount (following the profit motive) and the rest of the world (especially places like China), which produces lots of carbon, is given a pass.

2) What the Administration's policy will do is damage the American economy and hurt a lot of American workers; by extension, all of us will feel the hurt. This will also disadvantage us vis-a-vis the rest of the world, at a time when a strong economy is a national security asset. The President promises that we will build a new economy with great jobs in place of the economy and jobs he is determined to destroy, but this is all Wizard of Oz territory.

3) So, even though it will accomplish nothing good and in fact do lots of bad, in the doing thereof if will require immense power to be concentrated in the federal government. "Power" in this sense is the power to control. Control what? The power to control the climate is obviously not there, and the power to manage the economy is equally illusory, but the power to control people's lives will be much augmented. Which is the longest-lasting effect of this policy: loss of individual liberty against the Boss State.

My only hope is that they get this up and running quickly. The quicker they put it in place, the quicker people will wise up and throw these fools out of office.

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