aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Another patron

St. Cuthbert, Old English bishop and hermit, has become one of my patrons for Wilderstead. I've just found another appropriate patron for us woodland types:

St. Gallus was born in Ireland in 550, and became a monk there. He was one of the twelve companions of St. Columbanus, missionary to what is now Switzerland. (St. Gallen is named for him.)

Among other tidbits from his personal history are the fact that he was important in the lives of the local schoolboys as a teacher and mentor -- AND, he converted a bear, which helped him build his hermitage. His symbol is the bear, and appears on various Swiss coats of arms of localities associated with him.

How cool is that? A missionary hermit teaching youth, living in the woods with a tame bear? He's my kind of guy! (caoiminolorica will dig him just because he's Irish.)

St. Gallus died on 16 October, 620 (his feast day). Googling him produced no references in the standard "patron saint" indexes. In fact, to get a whole article just on him, I had to call up a page in German.

Anyway, friends of Wilderstead can now expect two Lesser Festivals to be observed at Wilderstead: St. Cuthbert on March 20; St. Gallus on October 16.
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