aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,


I betook myself to the woods today. I felled two dead ash trees at Wilderstead. Afterwards, I paced them off: one was a good 50' tall; the other, at least 60'. I cut them in about 6-8' lengths, at least where they obscured the path. These will get dragged over to my burn area and form the base of the pyre on my next visit.

I then got my little tractor out and hauled remnants of old wood piles down to the burn area. my dump wagon was out of commission, so I laid the wood across the arms of the forward blade, like a cow catcher, and drove each load from the back of the house-in-progress to the burn area.

Then I boogied on home. It was a good day. I'm looking for a dry day and overnight soon, where I can go out and build the pyre and torch it. I figure it'll take all afternoon and all night to burn. (Ash is mighty good hardwood.) I know two little boys who need a conservation project for Cub Scout advancement. I'm hoping they can help me.

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