aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

You make me feel so young

I had a terrifying insight while watching people dance at the Hofbräuhaus last night. There was this couple, obviously there on a date. She was in her mid-thirties, give or take. He was somewhat older. His grooming marked him as an old guy trying to stay young-looking. His dress, though, was Early Corporate Old Guy: dark suit, red power tie, white shirt. In his forties, at least. In contrast to her still-fluid moves, he just looked stiff on the dance floor -- but, then, he was probably stiff when he was young.

With a shock, I realized that there was a very good chance that, chronologically at least, I was older than this guy. Yow!

Meanwhile, I was out with two guys in their early twenties. I wonder if I looked pathetic to some of the other diners. Maybe they thought Zach or Kyle was my son. Or maybe it was just the dating behavior that made Old Guy seem so odd. How can you act cool when you dress like a geek? A geek who goes to tanning salons?!

Maybe I'm just showing my prejudices. Let them enjoy themselves! (But, Lord, do I look like that? Like I'm trying to hang onto something that I can't be anymore? that I never really was, for that matter?)

I dunno. Previous generations always wanted to look older. Fourteen-year-olds tried to dress like adults, with coats and ties. Starting with us Boomers, everyone wants to look younger. Forty- and Fifty-year-olds try to dress like kids, with fake tans and (way) too much spandex.

Me, I just dress like the old Scout that I am. I can dress up when the occasion requires it, but mostly I looked like I was about to hit the trail back then, and still do. I just hope I don't look like the trail hit me.

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