aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A day in the woods

I got up in the dark and went into the kitchen to make coffee. Cat food crunched underneath my bare feet. That's weird, I thought. We keep Hera's food bowl inside another aluminum pan, so it won't scatter over the floor. I went off to get some clothes on and when I returned, I turned the lights on, but that didn't save me from skidding in a pile of cat yuck.

Hera had thrown up, and there was a dark streak in it. How to read this riddle? I think a mousie was in her food last night, and mayhem ensued; hence, the food scattered across the floor. She always urps them back up when they're semi-digested; hence, the puke. Good kitty.

I drove over to Wilderstead and starting putting up 3/8" plywood sheathing on the exterior walls. Which sounds stupid easy, until you're working above ground level, with ladders and all. Even light plywood is heavy and awkward. One particular panel in a bad spot took me over an hour to hoist into place and get it straight for nailing.

As the morning wound to a close, my neighbor appeared. I had noted his truck in my road spur and assumed he was deer hunting. He was, indeed. He asked me if I'd like a deer again this year. I said Yes (of course). He said, "Well I just got you one." A big one. I went back to work, while he called his son to help him get it down off the top of Akes Hill. I was nearly ready to clean up when they finally drove up to show me my prize. This will be taken to a butcher and made into freezer meat at my cost. There might be 80 lb. of dressed meat on this bad boy. My son and my daughter's family will all rejoice (I can't possibly eat this much deer in a year -- particularly with a vegan wife).


The buck stops here
Let's meet the meat.

I have one side almost completed. About eleven or so sheets of plywood to go. I'm also painting the interior floor with primer to keep the winter rains from damaging the sub-floor. Things go much slower for a one-man, part-time carpenter, so I have to take steps to preserve my work.


Hooray for our side
Sheathing the north side of the house

Hera was very glad when I came home. She wanted to cuddle this morning (I think she wanted to be praised for winning her battle with the mouse), but I didn't have time. We've spent some quality time with her snoozing on me while I catch up on the day's doin's online.

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