aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Just plain knots

I got my uniform shirt back from the Scout Shop today, with my knots all current. I dropped the Basic Training Award in order to stay under the nine-knot limit. So, here's my re-organized "rack."


The Full Boat

Top row, left to right
Adult Religious Emblem (standing for God & Service Medallion, Cross & Flame, Torch, and Silver Torch), Silver Beaver, International Scouter Award
Middle row, left to right,
Eagle Scout Award, District Award of Merit, Venturing Leadership Award (Council level)
Bottom row, left to right
Cub Scout Arrow of Light, William D. Boyce New Unit Organizer Award, Unit Leader Award of Merit (replacing Venturing Advisor Award of Merit)

For those not familiar with uniformed organizations, the point of having a uniform is so everyone has the same "look." They know they belong. At the same time, individual place in the organization and achievements are noted with various modifications to the sameness of the uniform. On those occasions when I appear in uniform, I always try to wear a "complete and correct" uniform as an example to the youth, not to show how cool I am. The org exists for the youth in it, after all. This is why adults don't wear rank insignia, except for the few knots that represent youth achievements. The knots are more understated, and we don't want to compete with the Scouts.

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