aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Last word on a Sunday evening

I hate talking on the telephone. I don't mind short conversations to exchange info, but I've come to dread hearing the damned thing ring, and I rarely initiate any calls I don't have to. I only enjoy chit-chatting with a very few close friends, and even then, I would rather see them in person. E-mail and LJ are good, too, since though we are deprived of visual presence, we can consider our answers and converse in a thoughtful way.

Tonight, my sister called me RIGHT at the second half kickoff (Super Bowl) and bent my ear through two scores. I finally got disentangled from her without being actively rude. Then as soon as the game was over, she called back, just to prattle on some more. And she wonders why I never call. (Meanwhile, I always answer letters and e-mails promptly.)

I think my phone-a-phobia has to do with a) having to jockey the telephone running after parishioners; b) always being aware that the phone might ring at any time with something you've got to drop everything and deal with; and c) feeling trapped when someone calls and what you want is in the other room.

Anybody else feel this way?

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