aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Lovely day

I spent about five hours pottering about the holler today. I had a list of half a dozen small jobs that all needed doing.

One of those jobs was to finish prepping for the walls I need to start building. It's really important that the walls be square, or you get in trouble when it's time to put the roof on. The big 4x8 sheets of OSB that form the sub-floor look square, but looks can be deceiving. So I got up on the deck with tape measure, chalk line, and marker pen to engage in a massive geometry problem. (Define two lines at right angles off the building corner, then measure diagonally both ways to make sure the opposite corner is square.) The good news is that I was only a fraction of an inch off here and there. I have now laid out the house as square as I can get it.

It was a lovely day in the woods. The morning was cool, the day sunny without being too hot. I enjoyed myself tremendously.

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