aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Joist a moment, there

I woke up way early yesterday. I was planning on leaving about a quarter to five but was out the door about a quarter to four. I arrived at Wilderstead just after six o'clock. In the morning. It was cool, almost jacket weather.

I had eight joists to hang in the undercroft to complete the joists for the house project. I had them all done by ten o'clock. The Building Inspector came out and green-tagged my electrical hookup after that. He said he would call REMC when he got back to his office, so I may finally have power the next time I go out there. I mean, the generator works fine for my tools, but I'd like to finally plug in my little fridge and be able to have a fan and lights in the cabin.

The water was low in the creek, but delightfully cold. My creek bath felt wonderful. And then it was back to B-town, where I promptly fell asleep reading various social media. Today, I'm checking out decking material for the sub-floor. Moving ahead!


Something to support me in my old age
Ready for sub-floor decking


Hung over
Undercroft joists

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