aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Hamburger: the Masquerade

I stopped in the downtown Columbus, IN, McDonald's on Hwy 46 for a bite on my way home from Wilderstead. Tired of the drive-thru, I decided to go in (as is now allowed) and order. This allowed me to look directly into the assembly and packaging of the food. Half the employees -- including the manager -- were wearing their masks incorrectly. If I'd been with the Board of Health, I'd've shut them down on the spot.

It doesn't do any good to let your nose hang over the tops of these things, people. If you're serious about wearing them, then wear them correctly. They're not some sort of hoodoo you got from the local mambo to make all the demons stay away. Sadly, I think this is what many people -- including many in food service -- do think. (One of the deli operatives yesterday in Walmart frying chicken or something -- I'm looking at you.)

Masks help prevent the spread of covid-19, of course, but they've been fetishized. I look at those out walking, jogging, or biking in the open air -- or the guy on a riding mower in his own front yard with no one within fifty yards in any direction -- and I wonder what they think they're doing. Covid-19 isn't like neutrinos (billions of which are passing through your body right now) or even pollen borne on the wind. It comes from infected people, and it only spreads in certain ways. If you're not close to (possibly infected) people, the mask is superfluous. And if you're wearing them like a beard net, the mask is ineffective. You might as well go back to your tinfoil hat.

Meanwhile, I think of all the nanny-grams I've seen on social media saying, we don't wear it to protect ourselves, we wear it to protect others. But I think a lot of people (other than the paranoid) are just wearing the mask as a form of virtue-signaling, or maybe because the boss said we had to (but then doesn't enforce the proper way to wear it).

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