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One of my favorite passages to reflect upon

Sae lat a man pit us doon as actin for Christ; as awmoners o' God's secret things. And here, too, it is necessar that awmoners be fund honest. But wi' me, it is a sma' thing that I soud be judged by you, or on man's day; aye! I am-na e'en judgin mysel.

For I ken nocht to wyte mysel wi'; but this disna macht me richtous. But he wha judges me is the Lord. And sae, judge nocht owersune, till the time the Lord comes, wha wull baith mak plain the hidlin things o' the mirkness, and will schaw the thochts o' the hearts: and than, ilk ane's commendin sal come frae God.

But thir things, brethren, I hae (sae to speak), taen to mysel and Apollos, for yere sakes; sae as in us, ye micht learn the lear, no to gang ayont what is putten-doon: that ye soudna be swallin yersels up, ilk ane again anither. For wha maks a differ atween ye? And what hae ye that ye didna receive? Noo, gin ye received it, why soud ye swall up yersel as gin ye didna receive it? E'en noo hae ye become staw'd; e'en noo hae ye become rich: allenarlie, and sindry frae us, ye hae gotten to be kings! and I wad ye war kings, that e'en we micht reign alang w'ye.

For sae it seems to me; God has set forth us, the Apostles hinmaist; as gien ower to the deid: for a spectacle are we made to the warld -- to Angels and to men. We are made fules for the name o' Christ: but ye are wyss in Christ: we are feckless, but ye are strang: ye are honored, but we dishonored. E'en to this 'oor, we hae hung'er, and drooth, and nakitness; are clour'd, and cuisten-oot; We toil, workin wi' our ain hauns; whan misca'd, we bless; whan persecutit, we thole it. Whan defamed, we entreat; we are made as the midden-heap o' the warld; the dightins and orts o' a' things, e'en to this day.

No to shame ye dae I say thir things; on the contrar, I admonish ye as my weel-lo'ed bairns. For it may be that ye hae ten thoosand teachers in Christ, yet surely no mony faithers -- for in Christ Jesus, I becam yer faither i' the Joyfu'-message. I entreat ye than, that ye be as I am.

-- 1 Corinthians 4:1-16, The New Testament in Braid Scots, by William Wye Smith

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