aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Book Talk

I'm currently re-reading John Wesley and Christian Antiquity, a scholarly read that talks about Wesley against the backdrop of his times. There was a great interest in recovering the history and standards in the Early Church Fathers at this time. Some folks were using the Early Church as a model for reform of the existing Church of England. Wesley was very well read in Xtn Antiquity, and he used what he found in his mission endeavors.

On the pop scene, I noticed a new paperback edition of The Worm Ouroborous in Barnes & Noble. This is a gorgeous, violent fantasy novel written by E.R. Eddison in (I think) the 1920s. Tolkien admired it, though it is rather far from the flavor of his own work. But it's been out of print for years. For hard-core fantasy readers, this is a great opportunity: a definite Need 2 Read.

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