aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Outline of a possible Scout trip to the UK

My first time taking Scouts to the UK, we did three kingdoms in sixteen days. It was a wonderful trip but about two days too long. I've been back a couple of times since, but restricted myself to nine-day tours, both times to the North country (Cumbria, Northumbria, Scotland).

Well, I've been dreaming aloud about organizing a Hoosier Trails trip overseas in 2022 -- probably to either Kandersteg or Britain. If we were to head to Britain, I'm thinking we should concentrate on doing one part of the country; and since I've been north three times, I'm wondering if a South country trip were in order, centering on London.

What might such a trip look like? Here is a brief sketch. Note: exactly what attractions on the itinerary would be up to the Scouts going. These are just the big attractions most people (or most Scouts) would be interested in. We would be cooking for ourselves, with the occasional meal out.

Day 0, typically a Friday: Overnight flight to London Heathrow

Day 1: Land at Heathrow, board light rail, proceed to South London Scout Centre at Dulwich. Indoor bunkhouse? Shop for groceries. Rest up: the first day on low sleep is a killer.

Day 2: Hop light rail to the Thames, Underground thereafter. Visit Gilwell Park, London Eye, Changing of the Guard.

Day 3: Tower of London, Southwark.

Day 4: British Museum, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's, etc.

Day 5: Leave SLCS for Heathrow; rent vehicle(s). Head for Bristol by way of Windsor, Oxford, Avebury. Buy food and camp fuel. Camp in tents at Bristol Scout Camp.

Day 6: Glastonbury, Bath Roman ruins, return to Bristol.

Day 7: Bristol to Brownsea Island by way of Cheddar Gorge. Camp on Brownsea Island.

Day 8: Brownsea Island to London Heathrow by way of Stonehenge. Crash in airport overnight.

Day 9, typically a Sunday: Early flight home across the Atlantic.

If Wales were of more importance to interested parties than, say Brownsea Island, we could include Snowdon, etc. This is all just blue sky right now. If it tickles anybody's fancy, let me know.

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