aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A Belated Birthday Trip

James Arthur turned 7 three weeks ago, and I had not had the time to do anything with him. So today I went over to Richmond to pick him up and we headed down to Cincinnati to do the big museum crawl. Just the two of us.

As we drove down US 27 toward Ohio, we were chatting aimlessly. But then James said, "Grandbear, I want to tell you something." Oh, what do you want to tell me? I said. He said, "I liked going to church meetings with you when you were a pastor." Well, we were celebrating his birthday, but right off, I think I got the best gift. Wow.

The Cincinnati Museum Center has five museums in one complex, plus an Omnimax theater. There's a lot to see. We primarily hit the Museum of Natural History and the Children's Museum. James tried a couple of activities he wasn't sure of at first. But he stretched a bit, and did them. This is a big deal for a kid who likes everything to be the way it always was and who is extremely risk-averse. I was proud. We also looked in on the historic Cincinnati train set, which will boggle your mind. And then we went to the theater and watched a cool movie about Superhero Dogs (rescue dogs, therapy dogs, and the like).

This concluded, we hit the gift shop, where he cleaned me out. I mean, he went home with the swag. But what else am I saving it for? Glad to do it. On the way out of town, I talked him into trying a new restaurant (another challenge). I had described Cincinnati chili to him, and he said he'd try Skyline. I got him a small 3-way (and I had a large 5-way). He loved it.

Well, after taking him home and then driving myself home from Richmond, I'm pooped. But I did my Grandbearish duty.

CIMG7555 (2)

James being stalked by monsters out of the past

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