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Purely optional political analysis

If Donald Trump could just learn to keep his mouth shut, he'd be cruising to re-election. The economy is roaring (though there are, of course, worrying signs on the horizon). And this isn't just a benefit to "millionaires and billionaires," whatever the Demos say; African-American unemployment is at the lowest it has ever been measured. In foreign affairs, we have done some very good and strong things. Trump even has the naive belief that he's supposed to try to deliver on his campaign promises. But then, here comes the next tweet. The problem with Trump keeping his mouth shut is that he is, simply, incapable of exercising the kind of self-discipline required to let his deeds speak for him. He is always over-egging the pudding.

I do not believe, as some of his most earnest supporters do, that the Donald is playing 4-dimensional chess with the other pols. He's not a genius, he's King Ralph with bad manners. He doesn't know how things work in government, and he doesn't want to learn, so he keeps bashing into the guardrails as he drives his bumper car along. Then he says crazy and sometimes hurtful things. He makes up facts. He calls people names. It's bizarre. And yet, we ain't doin' too bad, says I.

And so, since Trump is his own worst enemy, and all his other enemies have declared him UNPRINTABLE, Beyond the Pale, a thing to be gotten rid of, all the Democrats have to do to beat him is nominate somebody who will do three things:
Move toward the center;
Don't deal in untruths;
Don't be batsh*t crazy.
It's that simple. But, amazingly, the whole host of 'Mocrat wanna-be Prexies can't do it, any more than Donnie can stay away from Twitter.

First of all, their policy ideas are simply off the charts stupid, dangerous, and/or undoable. They all really think that election to the Presidency gives them a magic wand to alter reality. And they want you to believe they can do it, too. If they could do what they want, it would be terrible. Even assuming they can't do what they want, because the nature of reality is such that they will fail, the chaos they will inflict upon the American people in trying to do what they say they want to do will be far more painful than anything Donald Trump has put us through.

Second, most of the candidates on the stage are career fabulists. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren have edited their biographies and their voting records so much that one wonders when the real actors playing the parts of Biden and Warren will be introduced to us. And this is not recent; it goes back decades. Both of these candidates make up as much bushwa as President Trump, but people think it sounds senatorial or something, and give them a pass. Cory Booker and Beto O'Rourke (now mercifully having passed from the scene) are as hollow and fake as Greek masks. Bernie Sanders, I credit for being who he shows himself to be. Yet even he believes in things that are not so -- earnestly believes, the more fool he -- and wants you to believe in his cherished untruths, too. Pete Buttigieg hasn't been around long enough to live too many lies, I grant you; however, his way of handling questions on, say, abortion, and his way of using religion to back up his answers to other questions show that he thinks he can skate past serious issues by answering the question that wasn't asked. "What is truth?" asked Pilate; and while he didn't stay for Jesus' answer, the Pilates of this world all know that "truth" is whatever gets you elected or keeps you in power, which is precisely what this batch of wanna-be imperial governors thinks.

Third, instead of tacking toward the center and giving a whole bunch of reluctant Trump supporters a safe haven for their values, the Democrats of today see Trump as an opportunity. They think that he is so far out there that they can beat him with mere moral outrage and thus get a "mandate" for their even-farther-out-there-in-the-other- direction radicalism. The impeachment circus isn't a serious attempt to remove the President from office; it's one more tactic in the on-going campaign that flows from their refusal to accept the results of the 2016 election. As for outrage, considering how the last Democrat President conducted himself in office, it's obvious that they think they can ignore the Constitution as much as they like -- but hey, it's okay, they're the right people to trust with extra-constitutional power. *wink, nudge*

All of which means, they are trying as hard as ever they can to blow this election. They will repeat many of the mistakes made by Hillary Clinton (though God knows, they could never repeat them all, there were so many). And by November, with impeachment behind him and the economy roaring along, plus a few signature foreign affairs triumphs, my guess is, the next President of these United States will be . . . Donald J. Trump.

If I weren't living through these times myself and seeing them with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe the reports afterwards.

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